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You should take a close look at your face or I guess you already did and that’s the reason you are reading my article because you noticed some things that left you flabbergasted. Yeah, a few pores, some pigmentation, uneven skin tone and aging signs. The question to be asked shouldn’t be what problem do you have but it’s the other way round which is what problem you don’t have. You name it and we have it, isn’t it ladies? I was so tired with the litany my colleagues and family members loved to chant. They were constantly censuring my looks or my dress style. So, when they started passing denigrating comments about my face and skin, I thought they are being their vacuous self but turns out whatever they said about my face and skin was absolutely right.

I had a million problems which I chose to ignore and they, then, made me look old, older than I actually am. I decided to use a skin product and stumbled upon Luminescent Serum. You should purview my article to get a better feel of the product.

Let me give a concise introduction of Luminescent Serum…

This face cream is a facial serum which will moisturize your skin and you probably don’t know that moisturization helps you get rid of almost 70% of your skin problems. When your skin loses hydration, it starts to stretch and with this stretching of facial skin, there starts appearing lines on your face.
This product contains an interesting blend of unique ingredients. They are not unique in never-heard kind of way but never-heard-used-in-a-cream kind of a way. They are 100% natural plant extracts which ensures no side-effects. If you are allergic to any particular natural product, then that’s a different story but if you are not, you are just a step away from that gorgeous skin.

Let’s discuss the working of Luminescent Serum as well…

Apply it and let the cream work its magic but we are always curious what goes behind the scenes, aren’t we? So, I am telling you the play-by-play of behind the scenes. There are two ways in which this cream can approach and that depends on what kind of problem you have.
If you have dry skin and that’s causing aging marks, the moisturization is going to help you immensely. This permanent hydration will make sure your skin doesn’t dry out and cause lines. It will also seat itself in the big pores you have which will ensure there is no dirt present or trapped in them. Even if the application is topical, the effects will be deep and internal.
The second approach that it follows is breaching the gap of required peptides and collagen. Peptides are small fragments of proteins and who doesn’t know that proteins are the building blocks of the skin. So, if there is any decrease in its amount, you skin will start breaking out. Peptides signal cells to secrete collagen, so amount of collagen is directly proportional to the amount of peptides. This cream will help you balance the amount of peptides thus all remaining problems will be solved through this.


1. Heals your skin
Healing or mending your skin is as important as skin care regime. Scrubbing, exfoliating and processes like these will surely benefit your skin but what about the broken skin or damaged skin. repairing is necessary and then yiu cann fopllow up by any method. Luminescent Serum perforates your epidermis and works drom the inside which ensures permanent effects.

2. Reduces dark circles under the eyes
You have glowing and soft skin. Your face doesn’t have any mark but you have bags under your eyes. The appearance of dark circles is sometimes due to pooling of blood under the eye or sometimes it the dead skin that had darkened overtime. Under eye is a dead skin prone area because of its sensitivity. This cream will assauage that area and will prevent further dark circles.

3. Slows down formation of wrinkles and fine lines
There are 2 ways you can get wrinkles and fine lines. The first reason is your age and you can’t do much about it but you can slow down the process. This cream will not make you immune to aging signs but it will solw down the process.
The second reason is a lot of facial movement. A frown here or a sneer there creates a lot of lines and they become permanent with time and age advancement. This cream will impede with the muscle activity and with this hindrance you’ll get less lines.

4. Protects skin from UVA and sun rays
You are aware of the mayhem created by us – the pollution and it has affected all of our lives. The strong UV rays burn the skin and also increases the melanin content in the body. This increase in melanin content leads to pigmentation. You should cover yourself on a sunny day and use this cream on the face as it will save your skin from the UV rays.

Cons and Precautions:

1. This cream is not approved by the FDA.
2. Conduct a patch test before using it.
3. Not suitable for kids under 18.
4. This cream is available online only so if you see the product in any retail store, it is a faux.
5. Always keep it out of reach of children.
6. Rinse immediately if the product goes into your eyes.

Clinical reports are always true:

I am saying this from my personal experience that if a product claims to be clinically tested, there is some truth in it. I trust a product which has been tried and tested because then it decreases the probability of showing adverese effects.
Luminescent Serum was tried on 50 women with mixed ages ranging from 30 to 50. the ladies with age between 30 and 45 benefitted immensely from this cream. A month usage resulted in pure and gorgeous skin. Whilst the women between 45 to 50 did get a glowy skin but the aging signs were still there. They did lighten up a little but they were still there.

Use Luminescent Serum like this:

Using this product is easy but always use it twice a day and perpetually because if the application of the product is sporadic, you won’t benefit from it. Just follow these 3 simple steps and you will get youir gorgeous skin back in no time.
Step 1 – Wash your face with lukewarm water and wipe it with a soft cloth.
Step 2 – Take a pea-size amount using the pump and apply it in circular motions.
Step 3 – Gently massage you face for five minutes.

Buy it here:

You can click on the icon below and you will be redirected to the brand’s official website. You will have to fill up a form where they will ask your name, age, gender and address. You will have to make online payment and the product will reach at your doorstep in no time. You should hurry and there are chances of getting a trial pack which will be a full size product and you can return it within 14-days of delievery in case you are dissatisfied with the product.


I was ecstatic when I saw this cream working. I think Luminescent Serum is my best friend and I have no qualms of leaving it anytime soon. Application of this cream led to decreased dark circles and fine lines. I do have a hint of wrinkles yet but further use might manage to diminish it.

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